Monday, November 22, 2010

Youth Liturgy

Last Sunday Nancy and I attended the evening Mass called the youth liturgy. Except for the priest saying the Mass the entire service, including the choir, is conducted by young people of about high school age.The Mass was extremely lively and upbeat.  As I closely observed the faces and actions of the multiracial congregation I became very encouraged with the future of our country.   I was inspired by their devotion, spirit, enthusiasm and self reliance.

I don't believe those kids will become dependent on bloated inefficient government for their livelihood or their health care. I don't believe they will tolerate having over 50% of their income confiscated by bloated, inefficient government for redistribution to greedy deadbeats. I don't believe they will vote for politicians that are ashamed of America and apologize for her perceived grievances. In summary, the future of America is bright with kids like those who I believe will reject the false promises of liberalism.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Obama administration has granted 111 waivers for Obamacare.  About 30% of the waivers are to unions who supported Obamacare. Apparently those unions think Obamacare is good for the US as long as their members are exempt.  In fairness, that is the same opinion as all three branches of the federal government (i.e. good for everybody except them).  All three branches of the federal government and their staff are exempt from Obamacare.  The ultimate test of whether a federal law is good or bad is whether the government exempts themselves.  Think about it.  Why is Obamacare good for you and your family but not for those who passed the law and not for some of it's supporters?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yesterday Sen Mitch McConnell came out against earmarks.  Mark Levin, on his radio show, poo pooed the idea because earmarks are such a small item compared to the federal deficit.  I disagree strongly with Levin.  What he overlooks is that the true cost of earmarks is NOT only the dollar value of the earmarks but the horse trading that they enable.  Many terrible and costly bills are passed by adding small earmarks so key senators would vote for them.  A recent example is the Obamacare bill. I would like to see ALL earmarks outlawed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


2012 is sooner than you think

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week Nancy and I visited our son David and family in Oklahoma City. On our first day there I read in the local newspaper, The Oklahoman, a story about a woman asleep in her own house with her two young children was awaken by a loud noise in her house.  Thinking there was an earthquake she called her husband who works at Tinker AFB to confirm the quake.  He told her there was no quake so she hung up and got her hand gun. She went to her living room where she found two intruders and shot them killing one and wounding the other. Shortly after the event the second intruder was found by following his blood trail. The local police declared the shooting justifiable under the

(now get this)

Oklahoma "Make My Day" law.

This is a win/win for society.  There is one less robber, potential rapist, potential murderer in the world plus a brave mother and her two young children are still living.
I bet anything that you will never hear about this incident in any of the lame stream media. This story is contrary to their anti-gun agenda so they will commit a lie of omission to further their that agenda.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Southern California’s Coldest Summer In Decades Ends Today

I think I have finally figured out why Southern California temperatures are so cold lately. We no longer have all those dairy farm cows (flatulence) we used to have 10 years ago. Most have moved east near the desert, which is experiencing record high temperatures.

If this keeps up I may convert to the man made global warming faith. If I do, I will buy a Hummer, get rid of my recycle bin, change my CFL bulbs and install air conditioning to do my part to restore normal temperatures here in Southern California.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Delaware Dragon Slayer - Defeating The Republican Establishment

Christine O'Donnell

A solid conservative Republican creams a RINO Republican.
You Go Girl!!!

Next up:  the liberal Democrat Chris Coons (Harry Reid's pet).

Saturday, September 11, 2010


As far back as I can remember I have always worked hard and followed all the rules. At high school when all my friends were going to football games and dances I was working at part time jobs. Later when many others were dating and enjoying themselves I went to collage to learn a profession. After collage I got married and when many others were enjoying their young families on weekends and taking vacations I was working full time and continuing my education for a Masters Degree at night and weekends. At times my friends or relatives would tell me how lucky I was to have a good job or to have a nice house or car and I would tell them that luck had nothing to do with it because I felt I earned everything I had.

Well now that I am retired I have done some self-examination and concluded that luck had a lot to do with it.


I am lucky that my mother and father met and married even though they lived in a sparsely populated rural area around Montreal Canada.

I am lucky that they chose to migrate to the United States to improve the standard of living for them and their children even though they left behind many close relatives and friends.

I am lucky they decided to have one more child (me) after already having five during the worst depression in this country’s history.

I am lucky that they taught me to be honest, thrifty, hard working and to plan for the future.

I am lucky they baptized and raised me in the Catholic faith and sent me to a Catholic grade school at their own expense.

I am lucky there was an affordable college close by that I could afford without accumulating significant debt or over burdening my parents.

I am lucky my circle of friends in college were mostly married military veterans on the GI bill who were hard working and dedicated to getting a good education and taught me how to study.

I am lucky I met Nancy in a crowded drive-in restaurant and she later agreed to marry me even though we had so little time to date between my college and working evenings and weekends.

I am lucky we had 3 healthy offspring and Nancy raised them very well with little help from me because I was absent so much between work, school and extensive business travel.

I am lucky I lived and worked in a relatively free economy that rewarded hard work.

I am lucky that none of our family has ever had serious life threatening illnesses.

I am lucky that all three of our children avoided the drugs, alcohol and other social corruptions of many of their peers and grew up sharing our values and are now married and each has two children of their own.

I am lucky our 6 grandchildren are healthy, happy and well adjusted.

I am lucky we have never been adversely affected by a natural disaster even though we live in an active earthquake region.

Notice that NONE of the above was a result of anything I did or decisions I made myself so as it turns out I AM LUCKY after all.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Another weak minded, mislead climate change drone.


A radical environmentalist who took three hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters while wearing what police say may be explosives was shot and killed by officers today. Thank God this enviro nut job did not get the chance to take anybody with him.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I (and many others) have said for years that man made global warming is a fraud perpetrated to enhance the fortunes of so called climate change scientists, UN bureaucrats and certain ex-vice presidents.

EXPRESS.CO.UK ,      Tuesday August 31,2010

By Donna Bowater,
THE world’s leading climate change body has been accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices. A high-level inquiry into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found there was “little evidence” for its claims about global warming. It also said the panel had emphasised the negative impacts of climate change and made “substantive findings” based on little proof.

The review by the Inter-Academy Council (IAC) was launched after the IPCC’s hugely embarrassing 2007 benchmark climate change report, which contained exaggerated and false claims that Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035. The panel was forced to admit its key claim in support of global warming was lifted from a 1999 magazine article. The report was based on an interview with a little-known Indian scientist who has since said his views were “speculation” and not backed by research.

CLICK HERE to see the whole article.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preemptive Strike

Profiling - Big Brother Runamuck
Law enforcement agencies in Washington D.C. have begun to use technology that they say can predict when crimes will be committed and who will commit them, before they actually happen. The pre-crime software has been developed by Richard Berk, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Previous incarnations of the software, already being used in Baltimore and Philadelphia were limited to predictions of murders by and among parolees and offenders on probation. According to a report by ABC News, however, the latest version, to be implemented in Washington D.C., can predict other future crimes as well.
Critics have urged that the program encourages categorizing individuals on a risk scale via computer mathematics, rather than on real life, and that monitoring those people based on such a premise is antithetic to a justice system founded on the premise of the presumption of innocence.
Other forms of pre-crime technology in use or under development include surveillance cameras that can predict when a crime is about to occur and alert police, and even neurological brain scanners that can read people’s intentions before they act, thus detecting whether or not a person has “hostile intent”.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wet Streets Cause Rain

A government study of the effect of sexual activity on student grades concluded that grades are unaffected for students in a committed relationship but are adversely affected for students that "hook-up". 
Is it possible that poor students are bad decision prone and are more likely to "hook-up"?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Selective Sensitivity

Barack Hussein Obama, umm, umm, umm claims he will not take a stand on the wisdom of the decision to build a mosque at the Manhattan site of the 9/11 Muslim extremist attack.  He stated, correctly, that Muslims have a right to practice there religion in the US including building a mosque on private property in lower Manhattan.  Once again, however, he missed the point of the objection that Americans have against the 9/11 site mosque.  Most Americans (62%) agree Muslims have a right to build a mosque where ever they want in the US but feel strongly (67%) it is highly insensitive to the feelings of the families of 9/11 victims.

Recall about a month ago Obama criticized Israel's decision to build more settlements on their own land in Jerusalem.  Even though they have a right to build the settlements, Obama said, it would be insensitive to the feelings of the Palestinians. Obama publicly chastised Israel and humiliated their prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the decision.

Once again Obama is more concerned about the sensitivity of Muslim Palestinians then the sensitivity of Americans in general and the 9/11 victim families in particular.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pakistan Disaster

Flooding in Pakistan is a terrible natural disaster, worst than Katrina.  Over 20 million Pakistanis are homeless and the US is rightly sending millions of dollars in humanitarian aid.

Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country and many danced in the street over the news of 9/11. I do not recall Pakistan or any other Muslim country sending humanitarian aid to the victims of Katrina.  The US is seriously in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars that will continue to burden future generations.  We have to borrow from China and other countries to pay for two wars, bloated government, wasteful government programs and, yes, foreign aid including to Pakistan whose majority hate the US.  We are one of the most generous countries in the world yet we are too often denigrated by leaders of other countries and our own President. Go figure!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

SHOCK Of The Week

After 3 weeks of silence on the subject Barack Hussein Obama, umm, umm, umm speaks out on the potential mosque at ground zero.

LA Times: "President Obama on Friday took a strong stand in favor of building a mosque near the site where Muslim terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center in 2001 - breaking his silence on the controversial issue."


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

D vs R

Today Barack Hussein Obama, umm, umm, umm, said when you drive a car you put it in D when you want to go forward but when you put it in R you go backward.  This is his lame attempt at political humor.
I think he does not understand that the biggest issue of voters is the economy not driving a car.  I say if you want the economy to Recover you vote R but if you want to Destroy the economy further you vote D, and this is NO JOKE.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Government Criticism

I have received emails from a few of my liberal relatives concerning the potential violence that could erupt due to criticism of government. They bring-up Timothy McVeigh and Harvey Milk as examples. This theme is promoted among liberal politicians like Obama (umm, umm, umm), Pelosi, Reid and the latest to weigh-in, Bill Clinton. The lame stream media amplifies this theme by re-running their comments over and over.

I personally find liberals hypocritical and opportunistic. When they were protesting Reaganomics, the Iraq war or the Bush administration liberal politicians considered it patriotic free speech. Now that liberal Democrats are in power government criticism is inciting potential violence.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bye Bye Bayh

Evan Bayh
Exiting the Kitchen

Good Riddance!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. This is especially true in political elections. Here are some of the “blames” expressed about the Democrat loss in Massachusetts last Tuesday: (I paraphrase)

DNC – Martha Coakley ran a bad campaign
Martha Coakley – The DNC did not support me with enough money
Harry Reid – It’s the RNC’s fault
Nancy Pelosi – It’s Fox News’ fault
Rohm Emmanuelle – It’s the f—ing, c—k sucking, tee baggers fault
This is my all time favorite!!
President Obama – It’s George Bushes fault.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharp Contrast

Massachusetts Senator

Minnesota Senator


Some adult supervision.


No not Haiti.


Monday, January 18, 2010

World Misled Over Himalayan Glacier Meltdown

Never accept as fact the words of people that have ulterior motives including salesmen and climate change scientists. So called climate change scientists are ripping off a fortune from the UN so they and others stretch the facts, destroy data and/or outright lie about climate change. The same is true of some ex-politicians. 
See the latest revelation below:

Click here