Monday, November 22, 2010

Youth Liturgy

Last Sunday Nancy and I attended the evening Mass called the youth liturgy. Except for the priest saying the Mass the entire service, including the choir, is conducted by young people of about high school age.The Mass was extremely lively and upbeat.  As I closely observed the faces and actions of the multiracial congregation I became very encouraged with the future of our country.   I was inspired by their devotion, spirit, enthusiasm and self reliance.

I don't believe those kids will become dependent on bloated inefficient government for their livelihood or their health care. I don't believe they will tolerate having over 50% of their income confiscated by bloated, inefficient government for redistribution to greedy deadbeats. I don't believe they will vote for politicians that are ashamed of America and apologize for her perceived grievances. In summary, the future of America is bright with kids like those who I believe will reject the false promises of liberalism.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Obama administration has granted 111 waivers for Obamacare.  About 30% of the waivers are to unions who supported Obamacare. Apparently those unions think Obamacare is good for the US as long as their members are exempt.  In fairness, that is the same opinion as all three branches of the federal government (i.e. good for everybody except them).  All three branches of the federal government and their staff are exempt from Obamacare.  The ultimate test of whether a federal law is good or bad is whether the government exempts themselves.  Think about it.  Why is Obamacare good for you and your family but not for those who passed the law and not for some of it's supporters?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yesterday Sen Mitch McConnell came out against earmarks.  Mark Levin, on his radio show, poo pooed the idea because earmarks are such a small item compared to the federal deficit.  I disagree strongly with Levin.  What he overlooks is that the true cost of earmarks is NOT only the dollar value of the earmarks but the horse trading that they enable.  Many terrible and costly bills are passed by adding small earmarks so key senators would vote for them.  A recent example is the Obamacare bill. I would like to see ALL earmarks outlawed.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


2012 is sooner than you think