Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bigotry In America

Bigotry is alive and well in America and it’s bilateral. Today 80% of black South Carolina democratic voters voted for Barack Obama but only 21% of white democratic voters voted for him. Even 79% of black women voted for Barack over Hillary. Other than his color, what is it that black voters see in Obama that is not apparent to white voters? Not much I think. Color is the dominant discriminator in BOTH cases. Is this any way to select the potential future leader of the free world?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

All Hail Has Broken Loose

Climatologists predicted that in 2008 Southern California will have one of the hottest and driest winters in many years. However, we’ve have had more rain so far this season then all of last season and well above the average to date. In 23 years living in the Los Angeles area it snowed only once and hailed only 4 times. However, today we got a good sized HAIL STORM lasting almost half an hour. All this convinces me that so-called climatologists are incapable of predicting one year in advance much less 10 to 20 years. Does anyone know what climatologists predicted 20 years ago about the present? They were predicting man made GLOBAL COOLING. As Bill Clinton says: “GIVE ME A BREAK.”

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wii is now the fasting selling video game because it not only appeals to children but also is a big hit with adults and senior citizens. The Wii games (bowling, tennis, golf, boxing etc. etc.) require the player to use there arms and legs to swing a virtual tennis racket or throw a virtual bowling ball. And therein lies the problem. There is a new ailment out there called Wii-itis. It is caused by overusing your Nintendo Wii video game. Some players (mostly seniors) overuse previously unused/underused muscles leading to pain similar to carpel tunnel syndrome. I played Wii bowling with my grandson Gregory (12 years old). Even though I lost it is a fun, challenging game. I wonder how long before Nintendo gets sued for selling an attractive nuisance and medicare gets swamped with Wii-itis claims!!