Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Public Sector Unions Should Be Illegal

Two states (Virginia and North Carolina) prohibit public sector unions but not private sector unions. Why?

Here are the main differences between private vs public sector collective bargaining.

1. Conflict of interest: Unlike private sector unions public sector unions wield power over their government counterparts. Government depends on the support of public union members to help their re-election. Public sector unions support government bosses with their votes, their money and election organizing.

2. No skin in the game: Government negotiators are giving away other peoples money. They have little to lose personally by their give a ways.

3. No accountability: Government negotiators have little/no accountability to the general public. The persons most negatively affected by their incompetence are the very young and the unborn that cannot vote.

4. Motivation: While private sector negotiators are motivated to keep their company competitive to keep their jobs there is no similar motivation with government sector negotiators.

With all these advantages public sector unions have the power to plunder state treasuries and bankrupt state and local governments.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin Teacher Protest

Wisconsin teachers are protesting state budget cuts needed to balance the state budget that reduce teacher salaries and benefits. The cut also affect many other department budgets and state employees.  After implementation the average state employee wage and benefits would still be better than the average non-government employee that is paying their salaries. Some teachers are in Madison protesting rather than at work teaching their students.  Those who lie by claiming they are sick should be disciplined or fired.

With all the whining and temper tantrums you have to wonder if Wisconsin children are learning from the teachers or the teachers are learning from the children.  Waa, waa, waa.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love vs Greed

We had a visiting priest celebrating Mass this weekend.  The topic of his sermon was love vs selfish greed. He told a joke to make his point.

A 60 year old couple were walking down the beach when they found a magic bottle.  When they opened the bottle a Genie came out and, as a reward for freeing him, offered each of them a free wish.  After some thought the wife asked for a one year trip around the world for her and her husband.
She was given first class tickets and hotel reservations and $50,000 for meals.
After much thought the husband asked for a wife 20 years younger than himself.
He became 80 years old.

There is no i in love but there is in live.