Saturday, August 6, 2011

John Kerry: Media Should ‘Not Give Equal Time’ to Tea Party

John Kerry (D-MA) does not believe the media should give equal time to the tea party.


Apparently he only supports equal time for movements with which he agrees.  So much for the left wing liberal "Fairness Doctrine".


Marcel said...

He is a member of the "Ruling Class" and his beliefs are echoed by all such members. What is amazing is that he swore an oath to protect the Constitution and one wonders if he has read it.

John Beauregard said...

Good point. Back in January a congressperson (I think Michele Bachmann) gave a presentation of the constitution to members of congress. I wonder how many of the left wing liberals attended. I believe liberals consider the constitution an impediment rather than the law of the land. Thus they (Chuck Schumer et. al.) call the pro-constitution tea party movement members extremists.

David said...

It was billed as a Constitution class for new members of Congress and taught by Justice Scalia. I really doubt any member of the ruling class attended.

David said...

And, it was Congresswoman Bachmann.