Monday, November 23, 2009

Political Prostitution

POLITICAL WHORE Mary Landrieu (D) Louisiana, was given $300M of taxpayer funds for Louisiana to buy her health insurance reform bill vote on Saturday night. The other 59 whores now realize they sold out US citizens way too cheaply and I expect are now going to raise their price for their next date (oops vote). Was it good for you? I didn't even get a cigarette.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Student Protests

Like every blue state and some red states California is broke. Our liberal government has driven California into abject poverty. Today California college students are protesting a potential 32% increase in tuition at the UC system. This is but another example of student naivete and misguidance. Less that 20% of eligible students actually voted in 2008 and those that did, being badly misguided by their liberal professors and Hollywood celebrities, voted predominantly for the most liberal candidates. I have no sympathy for liberal Californians (students or not) who whine about budget cuts yet continue to support the most liberal politicians that are the source of their problems. California is the third highest taxed state in the US. California's budget deficit is caused by liberal over spending not by under taxation. The best days for California are past.