Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Objective News

I believe the American public is being ill served by their information sources today. There is no longer objectivity in news reporting. Every so-called “news” organization whether TV, radio or print purports to be objective but indeed have biased agendas and often lie to promote their agenda. Some are worse than others, like NYT, CNN, CBS and NBC who want the public to think they are objective so you will rely on them for information even if it is untrue. On the other hand there are talk shows like Hardball (Chris Mathews) Limbaugh, Hannity and internet blogs like Daily Koss and Moveon.org. that make no pretense of objectivity. They too lie openly to promote their agenda but, knowing their biases, their lies are obvious and transparent. So what is a thinking person to do to get reliable information to form their conclusions? DO NOT rely on a single source for information. Be skeptical of all sources claiming to be objective. If you want both sides of every issue you have to work for it and listen/watch sources with competing agendas. Most people are too busy to watch/listen to one information source much less multiple sources. These people often rely on Saturday Night Live or David Letterman as their only source of political information. Is it any wonder that we now have two deeply flawed presidential candidates?