Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Convenient Lie

Yesterday I lost count of how many times the popular media claimed that Al Gore won an Oscar for the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". This is a convenient lie. The real (inconvenient) truth is that Gore did not win an Oscar. Oscars were won by Davis Guggenheim, director of "An Inconvenient Truth" and by Melissa Etheridge who wrote and sang the theme song. The popular media is falling all over themselves to build up their hero Gore even if they have to jeopardize their credibility to do it. Although I did not watch the Oscars I understand that Gore took the stage twice when both Guggenheim and Etheridge were presented their Oscars. He took as much credit for the awards as the true artists did! Gore is a shrewd business man who knows the value of publicity especially if it's free. After all, he needs the money, supporting his lavish life style is expensive!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What's This World Coming To?

In the category of "What's This World Coming Too." This is really true. Kentucky Fried Chicken announced a new fish sandwich meal last week. In recognition of lent KFC requested the Pope bless the new entree hoping that a Papal blessing would encourage catholics around the world to buy the fish meal on the Fridays of lent. As far as I know the Pope refused. I wonder if the Pope tasted the new entree before he denied it a Papal blessing and if he did, whether that clenched his decision. I think KFC should have started small by getting a priest to bless their nuggets. Jay Leno said of the new fish entree: "When you think of a good fish meal where else do you think of than Kentucky?" he went on to say: "KFC does not really have to buy fish. All the do is use the spoiled chicken that smells like fish." YUK!!