Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week Nancy and I visited our son David and family in Oklahoma City. On our first day there I read in the local newspaper, The Oklahoman, a story about a woman asleep in her own house with her two young children was awaken by a loud noise in her house.  Thinking there was an earthquake she called her husband who works at Tinker AFB to confirm the quake.  He told her there was no quake so she hung up and got her hand gun. She went to her living room where she found two intruders and shot them killing one and wounding the other. Shortly after the event the second intruder was found by following his blood trail. The local police declared the shooting justifiable under the

(now get this)

Oklahoma "Make My Day" law.

This is a win/win for society.  There is one less robber, potential rapist, potential murderer in the world plus a brave mother and her two young children are still living.
I bet anything that you will never hear about this incident in any of the lame stream media. This story is contrary to their anti-gun agenda so they will commit a lie of omission to further their that agenda.